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May 20, 2013

Our Journey Begins

Welcome to DiscoverBeauty®’s Beauty Bulletin blog.  Everything we do is driven by our desire to empower patients in their individual journeys toward personal beauty.
55% of Internet users look for procedure information online

The percentage of Americans who look for health and beauty information online has increased significantly over the past decade. According to a recent Pew Internet Life Project survey, approximately 55% of internet users report having gone online to find information on specific medical treatments and procedures, up from 47% in 2002 (Pew Internet Life Project).

We believe that better informed patients make better decisions and achieve better outcomes. DiscoverBeauty® is a new online resource that provides interested consumers with both helpful information and an easy-to-use, interactive morphing tool that empowers them to make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures. For the first time, consumers and physicians can use the same morphing tool to simulate and discuss the desired results of a cosmetic procedure from anywhere they have Internet access (outside a physician’s office).

The site also enables consumers to find and engage directly with relevant physicians based on their specialty, qualifications, and office location. It’s convenient and private, and there are no user fees for consumers.

Initially, we will only be available in New England, but have plans to quickly expand to other major markets. We look forward to using this blog to not only share information about us, but also help you discover news and insights about beauty that we think you'll find interesting.

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