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May 21, 2013

Your Go-To Guide for all Things Beauty!

Welcome to the Fresh Faced blog! I am excited to share with you, our readers, a wide array of beauty and health related topics, the latest trends in the beauty industry, and of course, tons of fun beauty tips.

Every woman knows that how she feels inside will shine through and translate into her outer beauty. I would love to impart my philosophy of a holistic, natural approach to beauty, suspending any judgment to those who reach for beauty through surgical means.

DiscoverBeauty® is the perfect place for my blog, because if you are on this site, you value aesthetics and looking your best. Together, DiscoverBeauty® and my blog will help guide you towards looking and feeling your best. We want to empower you to learn, communicate and make informed decisions about your personal path to beauty – whatever path that may be.

I hope to bridge the gap and find a commonality among all individuals in their quests for beauty. It’s most important to understand how we, as women, as beings, are alike, rather than focusing on our differences. If we are to suspend the sorts of judgments that limit us, then it’s pivotal to focus on the similarities that bind us. The very act of reaching for beauty itself is natural, and the nature of the pursuit and methods used should not minimize your value as a being of natural beauty. Reaching enlightenment on the issue of natural beauty is about suspending judgment and recognizing the beauty within all beings. I think that a woman shouldn’t feel plastic if she has undergone plastic surgery. Let’s all suspend judgment, please, including self-judgment.

Reading my blog, you can also expect to find natural beauty recipes from my forthcoming book, Natural Beauty: Homemade Recipes for Radiant Skin & Hair, which harnesses the beautifying qualities of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients. Each blog will feature one of my beauty recipes for various all-natural topical treatments and remedies such as masks, moisturizers, toners and scrubs for the face, feet, and everything in between.

Consider my beauty blog the glamorous go-to guide for all things beauty!

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