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Procedure: Temporal Brow Lift

Author: Min Ahn

See if you should undergo temporal eyebrow lift surgery. Temporal browlifts lift only the outer brow unlike a lateral brow lift.

Temporal Lift

Temporal Browlift

A temporal browlift is a procedure that is performed to elevate the outer portion of the eyebrows only.  Unlike the more common endoscopi browlift or coronal browlift, the medial (inner) part of the eyebrow cannot be lifted with a temporal brow lift. Some surgeons feelthat lifting the outer eyebrows is the only part of the brow that needs to be lifted in order to create a more beautiful shape to the brows that looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.



The ideal brow in women has an arch with the outer third that rests above the level of the eye socket rim while the forehead is at rest. In men, the brows tend to be flatter and rest at the rim.


The eyebrows are lifted by the forehead (frontalis) muscle and are pulled down by the crow's feet muscle (orbicularis) and the frown line (corrugator) muscle.


Who is a Candidate for a Temporal Browlift?

Anyone with sagging brows who is seeking a more limited, and perhaps, more natural appearing lift is a good candidate.



Temporal brow lifts are done under local, twilight or general anesthesia.


Incisions and Approaches

The temoral browlift has an advantage in that the incision is short (approximately 3-4 cm) and rests entirely within the hair just to the side of the temples. Because of the location of the incision, this procedure can only lift the outer part of the eyebrows.



The procedure takes less than one hour to perform. Afterwards the patient has some bruising and swelling around the eyes that can last for one week. Typically the sutures are removed at one week, after which limited activity can occur safely.



The temporal browlift is a minimally invasive way of lifting the outer part of the eyebrows only. Some surgeons feel that this procedure therefore results in a more natural appearance that avoids the "surprised" look that can occur with more extensive brow lifts.



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